What We do

We are a services company specializing in setting up public and private cloud infrastructure(IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), software stacks(Java, .Net, JavaScript)for web mobile applications. We also provide solutions on business intelligence with OBIEE and Tableau.

Medical Imaging

We developed Web apps to work with medical images that are in DICOM and Raster formats and rendered them in browsers to allow manipulation on HTML Canvas. The Apps would mimic paint applications on Web. The application would allow medical and dental professionals to manipulate and annotate images. The modified images can be seamlessly stored on Server.


We worked on analytics dashboards that are customizable using d3 and jQuery. when needed we also provide CSS charts to speed up rendering. We understand CSS is the first language of the browsers. We designed dashboards for the healthcare analytics and customizable dashboards solution for small businesses. We not only understand the higher level libraries of visualization like d3.js and highcharts,but also low level api's for SVG, Canvas and CSS.

Application security

We worked in the areas of application security enabling enterprise single sign-on using SAML and web single sign-on using OpenID. we worked with out clients to enable integration of their identity providers and Service Providers. We work to setup the processes for ingestion, metadata validation and Verification. We can also develop test tools to make sure the contracts of the backend systems are met after integration. We also understand the PKI infrastructure,SSL standards, Digital signing and Encryption algorithms.

Datacenter Migration

We worked with a Fortune 500 Company to enable moving their enterprise business applications between datacenters in the process of huge organisational Splitup. The volume of the applications speak of the complexity of the process. Total number of applications migrated were around 30,000 with a diverse of operating systems, network systems and storage systems. Some of the applications are on physical machines and some on virtualized infrastructure.We worked with a host of applications to perform the migration which include HP Operations Orchestration, HP CSA,Active Directory scripts for domain join and migrations, custom application on IIS that allowed users to chose the target systems programmed in C#.

Cloud Platforms

We worked on a diverse range of Cloud platforms which include IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. SaaS applications that we worked are in the areas of Project and Portfolio Management, Medical Imaging and EHS areas. PaaS platforms that we worked are Redhat OpenShift and Amazon EBS. We worked with AWS EC2 instances for catering to our and client needs of infrastructure.


We are programmers who can work on java, javascript, Python, Ruby, Groovy, C#, Objective-C, if you can challenge us, feel free to drop a mail to challenge@vmtechllc.com.